Sourdough starter and cooling process

Alfonso Pepe

To ensure the success of the sourdough cooling process, it is recommended to use utensils and table thoroughly cleaned so that the fermentation process is not altered by foreign substances. Take the leavened dough, add 00 flour in an amount equal to its weight and knead with an amount of water equal to 50% of the weight of the flour. By way of example, the doses may be: • 200g sourdough • 200g flour • 100g water Knead in the mixer until a homogeneous and dry mixture is obtained. Collect the dough forming a ball with the dough, make a crosscut incision, place on a cloth in a tight container, the cross to the top. Let rise in the oven at 28°C for about 4 hours until it swells to up to three times its volume.


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